"Photography suffers from this really weird syndrome called 'the project'. It's such a strange thing how photographers come up with an idea; it seems to take a year or two to execute, it comes out as a book or an exhibition, and then you move on to the next project. (...) Just because a book has been offset, bound, printed, packaged and sold doesn't mean that it has been resolved. It still feels very much like the next one is concerned with where the previous one left out". (BJP, June 2013, p.43)

"I think that's also part of the romanticized version of photography that's all about the agile male, a kind of predator who needs to be in touch with all his senses. If you rethink that model, then it's more about slow, calculated, critical thinking - the slower you are, the better you are, rather than the inverse".  (BJP, June 2013, p.41)