Julliana and Sasha, 2018

Cachu, 2018

Sandra, unused 2015

miekkie piersi twarde narkotyki. 
sierpien 2018 uplyna pod tytulem Dobre Zycie przez z z kropka oczywiscie. 

soft breasts and hard drugs. 
August 2018 passed under the title Good Life. Good Life doesn't have the dot over Z. 
August 2018 passed under the action of collecting plastic bottles from places where it shouldn't be, should it be anywhere at all? no. collecting straws that starting to be unwanted but not in that place where we found them. we found them everywhere, everywhere, everywhere. under, on, behind. 

sometimes traveling makes you stop to believe in anything, like you perhaps believed in everything before you travelled, didn't you, no you did not anyway believe in anything since a long time. why does it hurt then? 
sometimes tho there is a good sense of hope that flies into your dark heart and lights it up for a minute of 30. 

now you might think one day you will create something that can speak and love this world badly perhaps also change it for better, maybe this one won't love money, won't be a ceo, or a butcher, or a plastic producer, this one will be zero waster for sure. this time will come. 

B with her son, 2018

Happy Eli Jacob, 2018

summer full on. 

Anaîs picking cherries, June 2018

FR, 2018

My favorite family, Santa Cruz 2018

change your language to change your life
name things differently
the most dangerous thing is boredom
use your hands for writing and eating, and do not forget your have hands

enjoy life & do not use plastic because it is fucking stupid and you do not want to be stupid, do you?

i know we change ourselves more under the pressure than under the inspiration
challenges will build you. 

look at the sky and fly. 

Viva La France 

M showering blue face, Riom