Hello from Free Range !  


brick lane

Brick Lane was like Leith Walk mixed with Woodstock Festival times eight, full of street art, rubbish, posh vintage clothes shops and curry restaurant with special deals on every street corner. It was full of people, great, cheap food and it was kinda messy, very chaotic, extremely colorful and smelly.
I enjoyed it ! ! !

two days in may

Cherry Compote on display 

self-published photobook on beautiful home-made display shelf

( Thank you Peter for building it!!! )
( Thank you Eric for painting it !!! )

 viewers (including Mary Ann :O ) on the Opening Night experiencing my book!

Ogromne DZIEKUJE dla bohaterow tego projektu - mojej babci Niny i dziadka Sylwestra !!!
To produkt mojej milosci do Was i wszystkiego co w okolo was ! Do moich korzeni !

Thank you everyone who have helped me with postproduction of this project !

photo book for sale

more info about the price and postage and everything else HERE