almost done

I am almost done. Am I ? 
It's been a long way. 

Large number of downs and some upses too. A E I O U Y !!!

sny erotyczne

chorwackie wspomnienia

t_8UvB on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Today, Croatian memories come by… 

501 w dniu 12/ 11/ 12

herbata zielona

ogrzewajaca zimne wnetrznosci 

i zimne zewnetrznosci okolicy

o! ale i to tez bylo dobre

jest zimno i nie nudno


Inspired by Tuco Tio from Breaking Bad 

like what

                        The Jill Todd photo Award- First Prize Winners-

zrobione w Nowym Zamku

These were taken, for some w Nowym Zamku and for some in Newcastle ...




Ania and Stairs 

The chair 

jesienna rzez niewiniatek

… autumn's massacre of the innocents 

 I am reading and writing and reading and writing and writing and listening and writing more… basically my life is all about writing or trying to write or pretending that I'm writing, but many different things are happening too, not only letters are being formed into words and words into sentences. Life goes on , you all know… And it is cold again already windy and leafy everywhere and it rains a lot, but when it doesn't I am out and taking photographs, as this is what I do.