26.11.2010 was a first day of snow

still alive.


low key

new restaurant

I stopped into a restaurant and oh, it was a dream
From a half mile up the highway you could see the fixtures gleam
They heated up the coffee cups with extra pressure steam
But the food was terrible

The waitresses were charming, they had such lovely eyes
Their smiles all matched exactly and their uniforms likewise
Their hair was piled as sweetly as the topping on the pies
But the food was terrible

The décor was a symphony in orange, gold and white
The silver and the crockery would fill you with delight
The menu was a masterpiece, so witty and so bright
But the food was terrible

They must have spent a fortune on the furniture and such
On the place mats and the napkins, just like linen to the touch
So the budget for the kitchen really wasn't very much
And the food was terrible

Another generation will forget the taste of meat
Of tomatoes from the garden and of bread that's made of wheat
And they'll never even notice, when it's plastic that they eat
That the food is terrible.

- Mrs. M.Reynolds New Restaurant



"Exposures were long in early photography. If the subject moved, its multiple image described also a space-time dimension" J.Sz

the wall