One man from Cracow
                   Had seven horses.                   But after he went to war                   Only one of them was left.

                   One woman from Cracow                   Had a boy made of wood                   And a girl made of wax,                   Both dressed like Cracovians

location changes

my last weekend in the city of edinburgh. last  days in K&T flat. last days of homelessness. and few more to go to be chillin in the city of krakow and then this and that and the other things………………………..

'Wyznanie ex dziewicy' - J.Kofta

Diabłu dam miłą chwileczkę
By zaś odpust zjednać 

Panu Bogu świeczkę
Mnie już niepotrzebna


1.06.2012 - Today is a happy day to celebrate coolness and fun of existing in a state of not giving a shit !