would you look at that!

too notlikeme song,however video made by Poznan Photography graduate Iwona Bielecka- good job girl!

if you see a ghost say hello to it. don't be a dick.

'My crystal ball has hard-drive issues and sadly there are no predictions for me this month. Hopefully those fucking mouth-breathing nerds at Apple's 'Genius Bar' will sort it out by November'.

something on political art

by Adrian Piper: ' A work of art can innovate in many ways (...) with the foundations of unrestrained free-market capitalism:(...) it can call into question the fundamental values of consumption. Art that satirise desire or sexuality or wealth or technology, or that calls attention to alternative value systems that oppose or reject these, or that requires criteria of aesthetic evaluation that are incompatible with them, or that invokes utopian social ideals of fairness and equality would exemplify such work.'