coś o domu / something about home

So… I might have just realised I made a circle with / around  my photographic practice. Here I am, working on my final project- and yes, it is going to be about home. But this time nothing nostalgic, nothing retrospective as such, just pure reality - life as it is… It is going to be a visual story about boring, everyday life. Life filled with tons of 'nothingspecials', also mixed with 50 grams of guilt, 100 grams of sorrows, with a pinch of sweet sadness and 80 grams of none existing interests. Life full of adverts, those printed and those delivered to your door. 
It is going to be a book. 

A very nice day

wciąż ciemno

jamnik i biala sowa odpada

Juhu Juhu - soon my 10 days of real shooting begins !!!