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to sleep

'gdym we snie spoczywal, pozarla owca wieniec bluszczowy z mego czola- pasla sie i mowila przy tem ' Z. nie jest juz uczonym.'

the bird

'Slowa nie sa jedyna ilustracja symboli konwencjonalnych, choc sa najlepeij znane i najpowszechniejsze. Obrazy tez moga byc symbolami konwencjonalnymi. ' E.F


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" We human beings consider ourselves to be made up of 'solid matter'. Actually, the physical body is the end product, so to speak, of the subtle information fields, which mold our physical body as well as the physical matter. These fields are holograms which change in time (and are) outside the reach of our normal senses. This is what clairvoyants perceive as colorful egg-shaped halos or auras surrounding our physical bodies." - Itzhak Bentov

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pasek swietlny

wszytsko jest na wage

'he asks- what if a demon were to creep up to you one night when you are all alone and feeling lonely and were to say to you, that the life you have lived and continue to live will be the same life you will live again and again for infinity. This life will be exactly the same no additions and no omissions, every pain, every joy, every small and great event. If this were the case, would you cry out in despair over such a prospect, or would you think it to be the most wonderful outlook ever?'

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why are you, plastic bear?

hope - that's good to have

krzak tak.

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