the whitespace

Being art invigilator is cool.

Stephen Thorpe paintings in The Whitespace gallery from 28th April - 10th of May ! 

61 Marchmont Road, attic

One of our university campuses, Marchmont Campus, was sold last year.
We have to move out from it in December this year, and this old church-looking building with long history of ups and downs will be transformed into private flats. We are going to be placed in brand new spaces, specially build for creative industries students, spaces that don't exist yet.So here are photographs taken of the Attic Studio, which will be somebody's living room or somebody's bathroom in a short future. These old walls and bricks will start their new story, under new management and will experience something which they never have before.

image networking

easter eggs

…she again held her consciousness submerged deliberately deliberately, as you hold a puppy under water until it struggles cease.

Dawn - short and ongoing...

It was just before Easter 2012 when I visited Dawn in her flat. She used to live with her son, but few days before my visit she told him to move out... She was very upset and was questioning her decision. This is a fragmented record of my afternoon with Dawn.

Place ART Here 9-11 MAY 2012

We are getting ready for our 3rd year group exhibition. The whole process of managing this exhibition with an opening reception is really exiting and great, but also time and energy consuming. So far so good, we are getting ready for some really good show! Whoever will be that time in Edinburgh, just cross the Meadows and come over to see some photography works !


I support Hello Collective Summer Residency in Poland 2012