'as an object, a photograph has its own life in the world. it can be saved in a shoebox.' s.shore

reading list 02

"One is not born a woman, but rather becomes one." J.Butler

blind ufos

happy childhood art, from where me and J. were 11 years old.

schooling - editorial portrait.

This is an editorial photograph which could be use in culture art magazines such as Aesthetica or Adbusters. I want to present the state of our culture by photographing young woman wearing a paper bag on her head. Recently, I do feel that a big part of our society is looking and behaving in a similar way. People who are super focused on what they wear, how do they look. It seems that it is very easy to become confused of who you are in this society. Becoming faceless- it’s more like loosing your own character, trying to satisfy the ‘commercial’ world around you, forgetting of developing your real I. My photograph could be accompanied by an article about fashion victims or loosing identity in the fashion world.

the tree it's me, man... i'm parted. some force of time and space, was able to take part of me.

landscape ONE


mozna bladzic bez celu po krainie przypadkowosci. Ale mozna tez uwazac ze nie istnieje rzadna przypadkowosc. To, co sie juz zdarzylo, najwyrazniej sie juz zdarzylo, a to, co sie nie zdarzylo, najwyrazniej sie nie zdarzylo. Czyli jestesmy tylko chwilowym bytem uwiezionym pomiedzy "niczym" przed nami i "wszystkim" za nami i nie ma tu ani przypadkowosci, ani prawdopodobienstwa. Miedzy tymi dwoma pogladami nie ma wlsciwie duzej roznicy.


Holger Kalweit in 'dreamtime and Inner Space' says: "Shamanism and similar mysterious areas of research have gained in significance because they postulate new ideas about mind and spirit. They speak of things like vastly expanding the realm of consciousness... the belief, the knowledge, and even the experience that our physical world of the senses is a mere illusion, a world of shadows, and that the three-dimensional tool we call our body serves only as a container or dwelling place for something infinitely greater and more comprehensive than that body and which constitutes the matrix of the real life."

that was a strange month