as mad as the vexed sea

Historia de la composición del cuerpo humano, 1556

A black wall, 2012

"Wilderness is often imagined as the opposite of civilisation. yet if, as implied above, civilisation is a highly problematic concept, then understanding of wilderness and nature must be equally complex. for many, nature is something which is 'real; it is 'out
there' in the form of plants, animals, rocks, weather, water, etc, and the relationships between those elements. this 'scientific' understanding opposes 'nature' and 'culture' in rather the same way that we often think about divide between urban and rural. however, nature can be understood in a very different way, the way in which 'nature' is socially constructed and imaginatively brought into existence by particular social groups. from this perspective, nature, far from being an unchanging set of physical realities, exists as a mythological set of ideas, in the much the same way as the urban does. this does not mean that our idea of nature is unimportant. instead, the ways in which we construct (collectively think about and understand) nature have important impacts on the way in which we live in and engage with the physical environment, other species (plant and animal) and other human beings." from "Wild and Natural places" in People and place the extraordinary geographies of everyday life. by Lewis Holloway & Phil Hubbard

therefore we are walking fast

don't remember when
I last climb a tree
I saw so many people
from the top
I want to go back
to touch it again

and see it once again from the top


Bill, pictures of pictures, posters and frames

Recently we've been watching lots of Bill Hicks and discovering his short but powerful career as a comedian. While we were in the middle of one stand-up video of his I bravely said Hick could be a great preacher, as his jokes are just leaking with good will to change wrong people… Maybe. As Larry David would say: "pretty pretty pretty pretty good."
I recommend both!

E i Pani Caryca portrety z przed 2 lat temu

I spend the first Tuesday of february trying to convince a policeman that I was trying to fuck the dog away from me. - The Skinny Crystalbaws


Pani Caryca

A2 fine art print. really?

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A painting of John Taylor by sir John Watson Gordon and its contemporary reproduction by lady Jagoda.
Edinburgh 2012

Albert E

'Nie wierzę w astrologię, bo jestem spod znaku Ryb, a Ryby nie wierzą w astrologię.'

new arrival

tam gdzie

Niebiosa miłościwie postanowiły, że tajemnice wszystkich serc pozostaną w ukryciu, wobec czego trawieni jesteśmy wieczni pokusą, by podejrzewać coś, co być może nie istnieje.
Virginia Woolf